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Become a partner and help educate, empower, and catalyze Canadians around their social health!


Seize the opportunity to support and associate yourself and your brand with Canada’s 3rd Annual Human Connection Conference.

Why Human Connection?

As Canada emerges from the global pandemic, Canadians from all walks of life face compounding challenges in the workplace, classroom, community, and home. Recovering from much of a three-year disruption will take time and energy, and each of us must play a role in supporting ourselves and others through the transition.

From workplaces finding the equilibrium of a hybrid workplace, healthcare managing the implications of a disconnected society, schools focusing greater attention on the social skills and confidence of their students, governments recognizing they have a role and opportunity in addressing this growing issue,  the role of technology in connecting and disconnecting and so much more. There has never been a time of greater need for understanding the power of human connection and social health and its impact on society’s mental and physical well-being.

This event offers you the chance to work with the pioneering GenWell Project and the Alliance for Social Connection and Health and become part of a national conference that is working to raise the collective consciousness about the need for greater human connection and the research and intervention that can make that happen.

By participating in the Canadian Human Connection Conference, you will be highlighted as a leader in this country, focusing thirty-eight million Canadians on the preventative actions that they can implement for themselves and others, which will lead to happier and healthier homes, streets, communities, classrooms, and workplaces across Canada. We thank you in advance for your support and for being a partner in making the world a happier and healthier place for all.

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